ARTROVERT sept. 2010 CYCLE 005

In ARTROVERT we meet fairly regularly to collaborate. We enjoy these meetings very much as they give us the opportunity to nourish our common ARTROVERT heartbeat through work – and pleasure.

The last couple of years we have focused on developing a new type of artists’ book: Book-in-a-suitcase. It all began with an invitation to do a submission for “Fabriccanti di Libri”, an international art competition in Lecce, Italy.

We work frequently in a sort of Round-Robyn/mail art manner that allows us all to work simultaneously on the same project – a perfect way to get things done fast – very convenient as we live in different geographical areas and don’t have the option of meeting as often as we’d like. However, we also enjoy real get-together days in the studio.

We fancy outings to museums, galleries and other places and events of interest. This gives us a kick of inspiration and new ideas, and the possibility of discussing everything from politics to art and life matters in general. It can be quite loud and chaotic but usually also very funny – we like a good laugh!

Travelling is another part of the pleasure. I.e. last spring where we went to Vilnius, Lithuania, to attend the opening of a major international Artists´ Books exhibition, where we were all represented with individual works as well as one of our collaborative works: A book-in-a-suitcase.

Hopefully we’ll not only make a lot of art work – but also find ways (resources) to do more travelling – in the future!

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ARTROVERT spring 2012 048

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